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Next time, all you biochemical engineering majors consider mocking your art major classmates, sitting next to you in Human Sexuality (that you took for an easy A) think again. Irony is the word and Bob Wysocki is the ultimate bad ass, as the men who breaks all the rules when it comes to the expected. This SU sculptor hardly limits his medium to classical marble that your art history professor wont shut up about, nor does he resort to the “ultra modern” dumpster diving techniques, not as far as we are aware at least. Instead, Bob Wysocki creates lava in SU’s back yard. Hear and see what he is really all about.

Cuse has lots of notable alums, but very few, other than the dude that wrote (500) Days of Summer, have as much indie cred with campus “hipsters” as Pete Yorn. So in case you let the grand blizzard of March 6th, better known as the snow storm to cause University Administration to cave and cancel class for the first time in 15 years, worry not. As always Jerk was there to bring you front row coverage.
Yorn covered a lot of his older pieces, some may argue his best, as well as few tracks from his latest self-titled release. Turns out he drew a large chunk of inspiration from his time at cuse. Yorn admitted that he must have gotten so involved in music, because he had to spend most of his time snowed in practicing, which may explain how this Communications and Rhetorical Studies major ended up in California

Jerk Magazine Launch Party 
Magazine in hand, music in ears, waffle in mouth…Join us as we ring in the new JERK!

Friday, Oct. 8 @ Funk ‘n Waffles
The Rule of 17
The Northbound Traveling Minstrel Jug Band
Jason & Sander

(It’s going to be pretty awesome, if we must say so ourselves.)